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Sunday Morning

Adult Bible Study

November 1 - January 31

Dr. Joel Biermann - Concordia Seminary


“I Believe That?  I Believe That!”

Christians believe a lot of things.  Of course, we believe the biblical truths that are clearly articulated in the Creeds.  But in our particular stream of Christianity known as Lutheranism, we also confess the truths that are expressed in the Book of Concord.  Every pastor and every congregation in our church body promises to conform not only their teaching but also their actions to that book.  So, what’s in it?  This class will help you find out.  Focusing on the foundational document, “The Augsburg Confession,” we’ll explore together the core truths of our faith, the relationship of Lutheran teaching to Christianity as a whole, and most importantly, why the teachings of the Augsburg Confession make a difference for the life that you live today.  If Bible study is part of your routine, this class is for you.  If Bible class is not usually a part of your Sunday morning, then why not start a new habit and join the class?  The truths that will be covered and the applications for real life will more than justify the investment of your time.