Colorful Books

The Mockingbird Devotional

365 days of hope, peace, and comfort: In a word, the unflinching, life changing Gospel for everyday of the year. Well written and drenched with “Good News”.


A Diary of Private Prayer

Don’t know how to pray? That’s fine, John Baillie’s words will do it for you, and shape your prayer life immeasurably along the way. Each day (30 days) has a blank page opposite where you can write your own words of the heart. Can easily be used in that way as a Prayer Journal, looking back month by month to see what you’ve prayed for, and if/how it has been answered. Pastor Gruenwald loves this book!



An incredible classic on the varying aspects and impacts of aging. Spirit filled with almost a prayer-like syntax, highly recommended for those who are aging, or who have family who are.

Peace in the Last Third of Life

An incredibly penetrating Christian look into the last third of life, by a pastor who is living through it now. An exceptional resource for those wrestling with aging. Also, valuable to children who are caring for aging parents. ALSO, valuable to EVERYONE as it can spiritual insight in advance of our “twilight years”. You can prepare ahead of time!


Simply Christian

An incredible primer for the foundation of what we believe. “Mere Christianity” (by C.S. Lewis) for the next generation. A must read if you want- foundational enough for a skeptic or new-believer, deep enough for a life-long disciple. Pastor Gruenwald says… “You’ve got to read this!!! It’s great!”


Your God is Too Glorious

One of Pastor Nick’s favorite authors, Mr. Bird puts in sharp contrast how God shows up in the most unexpected places, not the glitz and glamour we expect (or hope for!) God’s glory is hidden in the simple, the mundane, and the foolish… and that’s really good news for us!


Hope When Your Heart Breaks

A fantastic “use where you need it” resource for grief; not just grief in the strictest sense of death, though certainly that, but grief in every aspect- the death of hope, the death of a dream, the death of normalcy, etc… 52 chapters that can be read straight through, or picked for their relevancy to whatever you are going through.

Callings for Life

A campus pastor for decades at Pastor Gruenwald’s alma mater, Concordia Chicago, Rev. Leininger provides Spirit-led insight and guidance for those toughtest questions in life- “who am I, where am I going, what should I do?” A good read for all, not just Gen Z! 



One of Pastor Nick’s favorites, and recently used in a summer small group, this book highlights how EVERYONE is religious… but the object of their religion may be very “earthy”. The subtitle says it all- “How career, parenting, technology, food, politics, and romance became our new religion, and what to do about it”

Assorted Hymn Books for Kids by Kloria Publishing

Beautiful illustrations pair with powerful words to help our children see some of the power in our musical heritage. One of them made Pastor Gruenwald cry, but we won’t tell you which. Mr. Knabach recommends!!